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They start declaring you this and that. Either way, I technically inherit your building and your spaceship. Which means Planet Express is now… Awesome Express. You rotten kids!

Bebek Odası Örnek Ürün – 3

Bebek Odası Örnek Ürün – 3

Mr. Vogel, remember me? Leela, you’re worthless, and no one will ever love you! Oh, those were happier days. The gristle in a blanket isn’t half bad. Try the Popsicle sticks. They’ve absorbed a lot of flavor. Hey, look, it’s our old group picture. I don’t see you anywhere. That’s me over in Cootietown. average-looking guy. That’s Adlai Atkins. I used to have kind of a crush on him. One-eye! One-eye! Stupid as a French guy! to the old gang. So, what you been up to since you left? Living in a box.

17 Ocak 2015
56 kez görüntülendi


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